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Urinary Infection MenThe Infected Disease Of Male Urinary System

Common in Women But Special in Men

Urinary infection men are often termed a urinary tract infection (UTI), or bladder infection or acute cystitis by doctors. When the infection is just in the bladder and urethra, this is known as a lower simple cystitis or a bladder infection.

Urinary infection men

Urine is stored in the bladder and is passed out through the urethra from time to time. But when you are affected by Urinary infection men, the natural course of urination will be infected.

Urine is generally germ-free

Urine is generally germ-free, but under certain conditions E. coli causes 80–85% of urinary infections, while Staphylococcus saprophyticus causes 5–10%. Fungal or Viral infection rarely causes Urinary infection men.

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